When told of Tristyn Bailey death, accused killer asks: ‘How is that my problem?’

When told of Tristyn Bailey death, accused killer asks: ‘How is that my problem?’

St. Johns County detectives investigating the dying of 13-year-antique Tristyn Bailey now no longer handiest observed bloody garments and footwear withinside the bed room of her accused killer, Aiden Fucci, however additionally a pocket book containing “drawings of a violent nature.”

Among the drawings referenced in reviews made to be had Wednesday become an example that “depicted a Satanic detail to them, to encompass a pentagram.” Another drawing confirmed a nude girl with crimson X’s over her breasts and genitals, and what regarded to blood coming from numerous wounds.

When 14-year-antique Fucci become positioned right into a sheriff’s workplace interrogation room and advised with the aid of using his mother and father that Bailey become lifeless and he become the final man or woman visible with her, he replied, How is that my problem?” Later withinside the interview, the document stated Fucci admitted that he kissed Bailey and while she reacted with the aid of using grabbing him, he driven her down and she or he hit her head.

He stated that he then walked away. Toxicology observed no indication of sexual assault, even though there had been handprints observed on Bailey’s thighs that had been now no longer hers. The post-mortem showed what State Attorney R.J. Larizza stated final month: that Bailey become stabbed 114 times — at the least 35 wounds are over the pinnacle and neck” — and that some of the wounds had been “shielding in nature.”

According to Larizza, Fucci’s knife become observed in a pond in near proximity to Bailey’s frame. The tip of that knife, he stated, had damaged off and become observed with the aid of using the medical expert in Bailey’s frame, in step with an post-mortem document launched Wednesday. “The backside line is that premeditation may be inferred, really from simply the sheer range of stab wounds that Tristyn Bailey needed to suffer,” Larizza stated.

“To say that it become bad ought to arguably be made as an understatement.” That’s one of the motives Larizza mentioned as why Fucci may be attempted as an person for first-diploma homicide. I wish that mother and father will research some thing from this, this vicious and brutal homicide, and this is which you want to recognise what your children are doing and what they’re saying,Larizza stated.

Because even as we may not be capable of forestall those brutal and harsh murders from happening, we should at the least try.Aiden Fucci advised witnesses ‘that he become going to kill a person,’ nation legal professional says Fucci’s female friend advised one investigator that Fucci might listen voices in his head while he become angry.

She stated the voices might inform him he become nugatory and a disappointment, even telling him to kill humans. She stated that on occasion, Fucci might wonder her from at the back of and positioned the knife to her throat and faux to slit it.

He even had nicknames for his knives: “Picker” and “Poker.” She advised detectives that much less than a month earlier than Bailey become killed, Fucci had advised her he become going to kill a person, that become going to discover someone taking walks at night, drag them into the woods and stab them. She stated Fucci knew some thing become incorrect with him and desired to attain out for help.

When Fucci become withinside the lower back of a St. Johns County deputy’s cruiser earlier than he become arrested, he known as his female friend to mention he become going to plead the Fifth.” Dr. Stephen Bloomfield is a forensic psychologist who focuses on violent outbursts. Something happened. There become a click on of rage or some thing in which he couldn’t manage his impulse. Or he become, has a intellectual illness,” Bloomfield stated. St. Johns County detectives stated none of Fucci’s previous threats previous had been mentioned to authorities.

If a person had spoken up, this probable might have been avoided,” stated Ken Jefferson, News4Jax crime and protection expert. “Maybe they might are becoming to him in time to get internal of his head to look what’s making him tick.” According to the warrant affidavit from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Fucci become interviewed with the aid of using detectives investigating Bailey’s disappearance the morning of May 9. At 1:forty five a.m., the warrant states, humans believed to be Bailey and Fucci had been visible taking walks east alongside Saddlestone Drive.

It states that surveillance video at 3:27 a.m. recorded someone believed to be Fucci taking walks on my own west on Saddlestone Drive and sporting a couple of white Nike shoes. Bailey’s frame become observed later that day — Mother’s Day — close to a retention pond in a cul-de-sac withinside the Durbin Crossing subdivision, much less than a half-mile from Fucci’s home, in step with an arrest document.

The discovery become made with the aid of using a neighbor out for a stroll round 6 p.m., kind of 8 hours after Bailey’s own circle of relatives known as 911 to document her missing. A neighborhood protection legal professional is placing the Aiden Fucci’s homicide fees into attitude as we get a deeper inspect the research of Tristyn Bailey’s dying.

Attorney weighs in at the case News4Jax spoke with a neighborhood legal professional who stated the brand new facts launched Wednesday units up a long, grueling courtroom docket case for each the prosecution and the protection.

He stated there are a few info withinside the courtroom docket files approximately Fucci’s nation of thoughts that could come into play. “First and principal Erik you’re coping with a juvenile here,” stated protection legal professional John Holzbaur. Holzbaur, who isn’t always affiliated with the case, stated the case entails a baby homicide suspect who, on paper, seems to have a loss of self-focus and might be now no longer mature sufficient to completely recognize the effects of the fees he faces.

He additionally stated statements in courtroom docket files recommend Fucci ought to have intellectual fitness issues. “It opens the door for plenty defenses to are available in in this younger man’s behalf,” Holzbaur stated. Holzbour stated lots will show up earlier than this situation is going to trial. “Evaluations are really going to show up here,” he stated. “Psychological screenings and the like. Full evaluation of this younger man’s history and surroundings will come into play.”


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